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Welcome to Culicoides.NET

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Feeding Culicoides. © IAH. Adapted from a photo published in PLoS Biology 6(8):e210 under a CC Attribution License.General Information

Information about the network and the website, as well as resources for the media and general public.

Detail of a Culicoides wing. © IAH 2006.Taxonomy

Data sheets for individual species of Culicoides (including information on their identification, biology and range), as well as information and tutorials on collection, sample preparation and slide mounting.

Culicoides larval habitat. Provided by Lara Harrup.Ecology and Surveillance

Checklists of the Culicoides species present in individual countries and their seasonality, as well as recent research findings on their biology (activity, distribution, and control). Predominantly concerned with species known or suspected to be of epidemiological significance.

PCR gel.Molecular Biology

Culicoides sequence data and protocols for molecular identification methods. 

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